wright currently fully supports the following platforms:

  • OS X

  • Debian

  • Ubuntu

  • RHEL/Centos ≥7

  • Fedora

Untested platforms

While other Unix-like operating systems such as FreeBSD, OpenBSD or GNU/Linux distributions not listed above are not tested at the moment, wright should in principle be able to run on these platforms.

One major caveat is that since there are currently no providers for the user, group or package resource for these systems, only basic resources such as the file, directory or symlink resource can be used.

Unsupported platforms

There are no plans for a Windows version of wright.

Since wright requires at least Ruby 1.9, there is no support for systems that still rely on Ruby 1.8, such as RHEL 6/CentOS 6. If you want to use wright on a system that does not have Ruby 1.9 packages, you have to install Ruby 1.9 via a third-party repository.